Ecological World!


Be part of the great environmental revolution. SORBOS® is the first edible straw and straw together environmentally-friendly.

It is made from brown sugar (only 23 calories), corn starch and water. 100% biodegradable.

Trend and Innovation


Add value to your drink, Cocktails, frappe or ice cream. Experience the future of innovation were the first to create a new trend, where the rest of you will just have to follow.

Straw SORBOS® drink as a new way, which also does not change the taste and flavor of the drink itself. Straw you can try in umbrellasmich different flavors, each of which retains a more attractive your moment of rest.

Drink it, eat it, feel the unique taste!

Make the difference


Surprise your customers your logo bar, or restaurants directly on the straw. Nay, Offer your customers and clients form of marketing communication personalization straws SORBOS®. Their corporate logo, I logo eventu, or phrase in the mouth, which can be eaten.

Thanks to the social sharing photos of your customers will be the logo extremely visible and presents to you a new form of communication.